Digital Guidelines.

From its inception the UX team collaborated with a number of external partners and internal teams on dozens of new product launches and marketing endeavors. 

Our challenge was on three fronts: 1) to uphold Samsung's premium branded style; 2) to showcase the highest technological standards of Samsung products; and 3) to create impactful commercial efforts such as special offers, price cuts, and trade-in programs. Such a broad scope of work on lightning fast timelines rapidly scaled the number of stylistic inconsistencies across web and mobile.



Our team needed to find an immediate solution that could transcend any kind of shareable document, could be used in any office location in any time zone, and could be easily updated when necessary.

The result, a living style guide website, became a sacred reference for anyone working with the evolving design system on It helped each team in our massive organization craft digital experiences that were unified and consistent across platforms and devices. Ever since its internal release in 2017, continued updates boosted collaboration across multiple offices in New York, Seattle, and Chennai, India.