Retail Touch Table.

The Reebok Touch Table was created in a truly revolutionary way. Turning the usual client/agency development platform on its head, Isobar’s NOWlab headed to Reebok’s North American HQ to talk about the brand's marketing dilemma. After speaking with the CMO we realized that Reebok had major untapped potential in the in-store experience.

Our solution, an interactive table, was a hit as a prototype. Customers flocked to pick shoes off the wall and place them on the table, which recognized the shoes and pulled up information about each one. The table also allowed shoppers to compare two shoes at the same time, and save their favorites to their iPhones. This encouraged shoppers to interact with shoes in a wholly unexpected way. Because the prototype was a fraction of the cost of Microsoft’s table, Reebok pursued a production run of the Touch Tables and they were implemented into 47 stores around the world.

Featured in the 2012 Communication Arts Interactive Competition.